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The Benefits of Living Off Campus: 5 Reasons You Should Make the Move

If you are a college student looking for housing next year, you’re probably considering a few options. Another dorm or campus housing? A fraternity or sorority house? Why not a house off campus?

Although living on campus has its own set of benefits, living off campus can provide a unique set of opportunities and experiences. Here are some of the key benefits of living off campus as a college student.

1. More Living Space

In comparison to a campus dorm or apartment, living in a house offers more space with a kitchen, living room, basement and sometimes a backyard. While you may have these communal spaces in a dorm, it is a cleaner and more private option to share these spaces with just a few roommates. This extra space can help you feel more comfortable at home with the privacy you need to study, cook and relax.

2. Freedom and Privacy

Living on campus may require more rules and regulations enforced by the university. Therefore, you have more freedom and the ability to keep your activities or events private when you live off campus. Universities tend to apply limitations on possessions, gatherings and visitors. Additionally, when you live off campus, you have the freedom to leave and return to your home as you wish without having to request permission to access a building or sign in. The flexibility of living off campus can help you create a more personalized living experience.

3. Housemates and Neighbors of Choice

Off-campus homes tend to house four or five people. This means you can choose a group of friends to live with, as well as your own room in the house. Additionally, since you have the opportunity to choose where your house is located, you can choose a house next to or in the same area as more of your friends. Since most houses are near campus, you will be surrounded by people from your university and who you are familiar with.

4. Cost Savings

Many college students choose to live off campus because it is an affordable option. Oftentimes, rent in an off-campus house is less expensive than university housing, even when utilities are accounted for. Additionally, you can save money by cooking your own meals rather than participating in an on-campus meal plan. It’s important for college students to consider these cost differences when on a budget.

5. Explore the Community

When you live off campus, you are surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops. There is more to see and do within minutes from your house. If you want to grab a quick coffee, sit for a meal or attend the farmer’s market, you can walk right over. You are now living in a larger community than your university, where you can participate in events, join local organizations and build a sense of belonging to the area.

Living off campus provides a unique set of benefits that will make you feel more comfortable in your space and your community. If you are considering making the move off campus, we hope these reasons help you in making an informative decision that works best for you.

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